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Position Statements

Position on Development 

The Wychwood Forest Trust is a registered charity that uses the focus of the royal hunting Forest of Wychwood to encourage local people to understand, conserve and restore its rich mosaic of landscapes and wildlife habitats.

The Wychwood area, in common with many other parts of Oxfordshire, is subject to an increasing number of development proposals including for new housing and infrastructure.

Since its inception the Wychwood Forest Trust has been hosted and supported by West Oxfordshire District and Oxfordshire County Councils. This arrangement has been and continues to be beneficial to the Project, allowing it to deliver wildlife, landscape and community benefits on the ground, across the project area, as efficiently as possible.

Whilst this arrangement remains we do not consider it appropriate to comment in favour of or against development proposals of whatever scale. The Project staff will provide comments and advice to the planning authorities where this is specifically requested by them and we have the resources to respond. The Wychwood Forest Trust reserves the right to comment where it has legal interest in land that is potentially affected by development, e.g. Foxburrow Wood, Grimes Mead and Wigwell Nature Reserve.

The Wychwood Forest Trust strongly supports the principle that all development should provide a net gain in biodiversity and an enhancement in landscape quality and its future management. Where development is permitted the Wychwood Forest Trust will seek opportunities to work with local communities to ensure that wildlife and landscape improvements are achieved.