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For millennia, the ancient Wychwood Forest covered much of West Oxfordshire with its grasslands, heaths, marshes and woodlands, shaping the identity of this area. Today, it survives only in fragments. 

The Wychwood Forest Trust is a conservation charity that works in the places once part of the Wychwood Forest. 

We work with local communities to protect and restore habitats, and advise local landowners and organisations on matters of ecology and conservation. Our volunteer groups help monitor wild flowers, repair dry stone walls, and plant and maintain hedges across our region. We also provide training and courses to help people learn traditional rural skills and crafts, and run projects promoting the Wychwood's unique cultural identity.


We own a suite of nature reserves - Quicken Copse in North Leigh, Gibbets Close Hill and Grimes Meadow in Witney, and Foxburrow Wood and Singe Wood in Hailey. On behalf of other organisations, we also manage Dean Grove and Dean Common in Spelsbury, and Wigwell in Charlbury.

WFT aims to increase the number of ‘islands’ of recovering semi-natural habitat within our heavily modified agricultural landscapes, making them more hospitable to declining biodiversity. Our vision is of a thriving natural landscape in the historic Wychwood Forest area, rich in wildlife and habitats, enjoyed by and benefitting all. 

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