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Play a crucial role in restoring habitats across the Wychwood area by joining us today.

In 2017, the State of Nature in Oxfordshire report found that nature in our area is on a knife edge. We are home to nationally rare grasslands, but they are in decline. Local woodland cover has increased in recent decades, but species like the turtle dove still face extinction. The increasing fragmentation of local habitats limits species' chances, yet we are more aware of this than ever before.


There is cause for alarm, but also cause for hope.


The number one thing we must do to protect local wildlife is to create larger, more connected areas of high quality habitats. We can't expect isolated nature reserves to protect the wildlife we love anymore - it's time to make new spaces for nature. 



We create new habitats from degraded land, making spaces for nature and people to enjoy. Our suite of 6 nature reserves are refuges for rare local wildlife, from common lizards to woodcocks to meadow clary. 


We also work with landowners and communities to link up existing habitats. Our wonderful team of volunteer hedgelayers and dry stone wallers create wildlife-friendly links across the Wychwood area. We champion and support connectivity initiatives from wildlife-friendly verges to nature recovery networks.   

Your support is vital to our work. With your help we know we can turn the tide on nature's decline in our very special area - but we can't do it without you. 

By becoming a member of the Wychwood Forest Trust, you'll be investing in the future of our countryside and rural heritage. You'll receive our regular e-newsletter and magazine, so you can keep up to date with our work and what you are helping us to achieve, and you'll receive advance warning of all our courses and events.

From just £4 a month, you can support nature and wildlife in the Wychwood Forest area and help us make a huge difference to their survival.

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